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Fundraiser for Sisters Inside Inc.


Single Aboriginal mothers make up the majority of those in prison in Western Australia due to an unpaid fine. These are women who have no criminal convictions. They are living below the poverty line, often struggling to afford food and shelter for their children let alone pay a fine. When late payment fees and administrative costs are piled on top of these fines, these women will never have the financial capacity to pay.

Debby Kilroy, CEO of Sisters Inside Inc has started a gofundme campaign to raise the $425,000 needed to free these women from imprisonment. If you can financially assist this movement it would be greatly appreciated.

After donating please contact the Attorney General Honourable John Quigley on his email and demand that these discriminatory laws be repealed as a matter of urgency. The WA Government must not use prison as the default response to poverty and homelessness. No one should be imprisoned because they cannot afford to pay a fine.

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