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The strength and resilience of women and girls are a vital life force in small and remote communities, but the voices and stories of these women, and the sometimes extraordinary challenges of their everyday lives, are not often heard in big-city events and media.

WOW Festival 2018 will pay special attention to these voices to highlighting their stories, achievements and concerns, enabling them to shape the thinking of the Festival and the WOW global community, and to take part in the event itself. Everyone has a story to tell, and in the process of sharing stories, we make powerful emotional connections, through which we see our common humanity and womanhood, our own strengths as well as those of others; and we find inspirations or solutions that are most relevant to our own lives.  

With the help of the Tim Fairfax Family Foundation, the Festival team is working with six Australian regional and remote communities of women in 2017 to make this happen.





In 2017 each of the partner communities will contribute to planning the Festival – identifying the key issues for women and girls in their community, speakers they want to hear, and skills they want to learn, and longer term projects they want to work on in their community. Look for up-coming events and consultation dates on our News page and join our e-news to stay up to date with regional events.