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Of One Mind is the non profit company (with DGR status) that drives the activities of the WOW Foundation in Australia and the Asia Pacific. The company operates as a cultural enterprise, delivering Festivals and events through partnerships with governments, private and public institutions, foundations and individuals whose values are aligned with our work.

Research from previous WOW festivals demonstrates the following impacts:

  • Greater understanding of the benefits that arise from a more gender equal world with new policies formulated and action taken across both the public and private sectors

  • Changes for the better in the lives of women and girls, in their family, community, education or work

  • Strengthening of communities and partnerships across cultural, generational and geographical divides

  • Improving financial and economic circumstances for participants


To build a legacy of impact over the next three years our campaign entitled #inhername will enable individuals or trusts and foundations, a unique opportunity for engagement. All donations will be focused on enabling young women and girls regardless of background or circumstance to participate in a WOW event either as speakers, performers or audience members.

Donors contributing $250 and above will have the opportunity to put the donation in the name of a woman who has been or still is, important to them in their lives. These will be presented in words and image on our website, which we will build up over the next three years. We are doing this in recognition of the many women whose names are not written in our history books, whose deeds may go unnoticed in their communities, or simply whose love, friendship and caring we wish to acknowledge.

The impact of WOW Festivals has been strengthened in many communities through partnerships with businesses and institutions that share our goals, and want to profile the achievements of women in their own communities, engage in a sophisticated examination of gender equality issues, and help shape public debate and thinking on this topic. Click here to find out more about why our current partners supported WOW at Festival 2018.

Please contact us to discuss how your organisation, staff, and community can join us in developing future WOW festivals in this Region.