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Of One Mind is the non profit company (with DGR status) that drives the activities of the WOW Foundation in Australia and the Asia Pacific. The company operates as a cultural enterprise, delivering Festivals and events through partnerships with governments, private and public institutions, foundations and individuals whose values are aligned with our work.

Research from previous WOW Festivals demonstrates that participation in such events:

  • Builds a sense of community belonging and wellbeing

  • Inspires a sense of a positive future for a community

  • Motivates women and girls to make change to their lives; builds the confidence that they can do this and introduces a new set of skills to assist in that process


For WOW at Festival 2018 we built a community of Changemakers, women and men who shared our vision for change, and whose personal donations extended the reach and impact of the event.  Click here If you would like become a Changemaker for the future.

The impact of WOW Festivals has been strengthened in many communities through partnerships with businesses and institutions that share our goals, and want to profile the achievements of women in their own communities, engage in a sophisticated examination of gender equality issues, and help shape public debate and thinking on this topic. Click here to find out more about why our current partners supported WOW at Festival 2018.

Please contact us to discuss how your organisation, staff, and community can join us in developing future WOW festivals in this Region.