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Do you know someone who has an amazing story, a special insight into the lives of women and girls, or an important or quirky point of view that deserves an audience?

Each WOW includes a series of sessions called WOW Bites.  WOW Bites are short talks and stories, and sometimes performances, on a very wide range of subjects from the serious to the frivolous, delivered by all sorts of people, occasionally famous, but often everyday heroes.  Bites may have a feminist theme, but many will just be about amazing things women have done, fears conquered, lives changed.  They are designed to engage and inspire audiences in all sorts of areas – new life insights, information, ideas, and ways of thinking.

Bites are a big part of WOW – honouring the lives and leadership of many unsung heroes.  Doing a WOW Bite can be a huge moment for some women and girls – the first time they have told their story in a public forum.

Each Bite is a maximum of 10 minutes long, and there are four very different speakers in a one-hour slot.  At WOW Katherine, we had a medical researcher, a visual artist, a crocodile farmer, and one of the founders of the famous Alice Springs Beanie Festival in one session.  Past London Bites have included Joanna Lumley on what her fictional women have taught her and Alex Foley on being the first female firearms expert at Sotheby’s.  At WOW Brisbane 2015, Jill Goodman spoke movingly about living with a mental illness, and Gigi Baxter from Vanuatu got a chance to speak internationally about the challenges facing the trans-community in that country.  You get the idea.

So, let us have your suggestions and nominations.  Just fill in the nomination form below to nominate someone today!

Deadline for submissions – 11 December 2017

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